The Last Laugh

Two Ace's and 2 Eight's with a Joker-Dead Man's Hand...but for Batman or The Joker?

The vigilante Batman and his archenemies, The Joker have been at war for over 70 years and no where ready to give up the fight.

From his original appearance as a goofy, mischievous criminal with a sadistic sense of humor, The Joker is a highly intelligent psychopath who murders people for his own amusement and with no other reason than to introduce anarchy into Batman's world. Batman wants nothing more than to put the Joker away and will stop at nothing to interrupt the Joker's plans for mayhem.

Growing up, I have always loved the stories and villains from the Batman comics but none intrigued me more than his rival, the Joker. In coming up with the concept for this piece, I retraced my steps back to gambling tattoos and I remembered the deadly poker hand. It was fitting considering the relationship between Batman and the Joker always seemed to be like a never ending game.

In this on going battle for good and evil and control over the dark city of Gotham, The Joker reminds Batman during their encounters that they are nothing without each other.

"I've been thinking lately. About you and me. About what's going to happen to us, in the end. We're going to kill each other, aren't we?" -Batman "The Killing Joke"

So who will have The Last Laugh?

Tattoo for the Today Show

When The Today Show called me and said they needed a temporary tattoo for a gag as part of the tattoo story, I was immediately intrigued.

NBC's Co-Anchor Jenna Wolfe was featuring a story about more women getting tattooed much later in life. After visiting a NY local tattoo shop to get the scoop on these tattooed grannies, Jenna hits the chair to receive her own permanent ink and is ready to reveal her very own "I Love Matt"(as in Matt Lauer) traditional anchor. Of course, I would design and apply the temporary tattoo using Temptu Pro Dura Inks just for the fun of the story since Jenna explained she is not quite ready for the real ink yet. Waiting to get your tattoo until you are older is one option, but you can always try out a temporary tattoo before hitting the needle!

Check out the Monday morning tattoo story on The Today Show.

A Woman of Wonder

Wonder Woman has become the perfect symbol of a strong, independent woman with the best indestructible accessories. Since the 1940's, this Amazon princess has been striving to bring the ideals of love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn apart by war and hatred while wearing a tiara. Created in WWII when the world needed hope and heroes, the country received a heroine. Considered one of the first female superheroes created, Wonder Woman continues to be feminist icon after 70 years and inspires women and men all over the world.

This Glamazon princess has always been my personal favorite comic heroine and already have her inked onto my leg. In reading the recent reissued Wonder Woman comics, I felt compelled to honor her with a portrait with my own tattoo twist. I had so much fun with this piece, I will continue to produce my favorite comic heroes and villains.

Limited Edition prints with be available for purchase soon....

Wonder Woman
Ink and Paper

Comix Gone Rogue "Captain America" Edition

The new all white, blank Marvel Variant covers present many opportunities for a creative outlet. Some purchase the covers to bring to Comic Cons and have their favorite artist do a quick sketch or autograph while others decide to keep the crisp white cover untainted. On the other hand, Edwin Vazquez saw the opportunity to get his friends and favorite artists together to create their own covers. When presented with the invitation from Edwin to submit for an Unofficial Marvel Comics cover show (still in progress) I couldn't resist the chance to combine my love for comics and tattoos. The original idea came to me at lunch and I scribbled the idea down on the chalkboard table where we ate. The idea finally grew and developed into the full colored cover that will be in the 'Comix Gone Rogue' show....more details to come!