Not to Scale with Rachael Ray

After working on a previous painted hand for Oprah Magazine with photographer Dan Saelinger, Dan presented me with the challenge of creating scaly painted hands for the March Issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray. 

 Never one to shy away from a body art challenge, I was excited to give a relatable depiction of those who suffer from dry,cracking skin.

 The process of replicating this reptilian body paint started by building up layers of Lux Airbrush paint from Mehron. From the base, intricate scales were painted in several shades of browns,greens and yellows before adding in the individual hand painted cracks and speckles.

Dry hands never looked so good.

L'Officiel Ukraine

L'Officiel Ukraine requested a vibrant array of paint coated hands to enhance the bright splashes of color for the spring issue with stylist Donald Lawrence and set designer Tracy Wingrove.

Inspired by geometric patterns and colors found in fabrics I created a perfect unison between my body art to Ronnie Peterson's clothes and makeup with nail art by Cassandra Lamar.

Using both a combination of Luxe Airbrush Makeup and hand painted Paradise Makeup AQ from Mehron, I was able to execute a 'handful' of body art creations.

Psychology Today: The Power of Touch

After 2 successful front covers for Psychology Today, I was asked back for a 3rd!

Using brightly colored hand prints with Paradise Makeup AQ Palettes from Mehron I created the interpretation of "Touch" in our lives.

Trying several different hands to create the own paint covered fingers made the final prints for the cover!

Pick up your copy of the March/April issue today!

Just Cavalli "Snake Bite" Tattoo

During one of the blistering hot days in the summer of 2012, I got a emergency call to apply a temporary tattoo on the new front woman for the Just Cavalli Fragrance campaignGeorgia Jagger.

The stunning Georgia Jagger is the daughter of Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones and supermodel Jerry Hall.  Not only is Georgia beautiful but super sweet and really funny!

Watch Georgia explain the meaning behind the sexy "snake bite" tattoo and her playful partner in the new commercial for Just Cavalli.

Tattoos in Film: From Dusk Till Dawn

My exposure to the gritty world of pulp and horror movies was belated due to strict parental restrictions. Once I peeled back the layers to the camp style films my heart had been completely captured.

I pride my self in the indulgent taste for Campy Grindhouse style movies.
A genre that has sincerely evolved from poorly made low budget movies now rising into cult classics and given the utmost respect from modern producers and directors.  Nothing satisfies the nostalgia of a quintessential B-movie more than a Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino combo!   This dynamic duo have deeply dedicated their childhood film influence by paying homage into recreating their love affair with Grindhouse movies.

With breaking popularity in the 90's, Rodriguez and Tarantino created such cult hits such as El Mariachi, Desperado, Four Rooms, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction which lead to the epic collaboration of From Dusk Till Dawn.

This action-thriller submerges you into the chaotic world of the psychopathic criminal team known as the Gecko  brothers.  Determined to complete their murderous rampage, nothing will stand in their way until these savage siblings are safely transported across the Mexican border. After escaping the grips of the unrelenting manhunt, the Gecko brothers seek refuge in a local strip club known as the Titty Twister (possibly the best club name ever).  There in the depths of the booze and the babes strikes a full blown blood bath.

Throughout the movie, break through actor George Clooney is adorned in the up-and-coming 90's tribal tattoo trend. The big black shapes creep from his blazer onto his neck for unapologetic public display. During the early to mid 90's tattoos were heavily considered the sign of of criminality and still illegal in many states.  This mark only added to the dysfunctional portrayal  of the character.

One of the most magical moments in film is when you are completely surprised by the unexpected.  Without spoiling the change of events of the later half of the film, this movie becomes one of the finest displays of B-movie culture ever captured.

No... Sleep... Till....BROOKLYN!

Across the water from "the city that never sleeps" is home of the bridge, the Dodgers and the brewery that makes the famous borough known as Brooklyn.

New York Magazine invited me back for a second time to create the tattoo imagery that captures these specific icons in a recent issue dedicated to "everything Brooklyn".  Each tattoo was carefully painted by hand to maintain the sharp graphic quality and careful placement on the body.

Unfortunately my tattooed model did not make the final option for the cover but I get to share the image exclusively on my blogs!

Above is the final shot along with some behind the scene photos from my photo shoot.

Marvel? DC?....Comix Gone Rogue!

Ever fantasize about having your artwork on the cover of Marvel or DC Comics?   

I would often walk up and down the ailes of my local comic shop skimming over the new released covers hoping to collect the most unique and memorable issues.   This did not always work out the way I had planned.  I would often find myself expressing emotions from incontrolable excited to ultimate disappointment.  In times of dissatisfaction, I would often dream of how I would improve those glossy fronts.  Fortunately I would get the chance to create my own.

With the release of the crisp, white, blank covers from Marvel Comics emerged an artist who decided to take the DIY concept into his own hands.  Edwin Vazquez, creator of Comix Gone Rogue, is thriving  on the challenge of finding 25 artists to create their own versions of mainstream comic covers.  These covers would not be something you would see in your local comic shop.  Each artist who is invited to participate in the series is given complete freedom to create their own artistic interpretation of the cover.  All artists donate their work to be featured on the website and future fundraising gallery shows toward the Hero Initiative.

After using the pre-made covers that Marvel Comics had produced, Edwin waited for DC Comics to follow suit.  When it was apparent that DC was not going to be trailing in the Marvel footsteps, Edwin decided to create his own.  Pirating the DC headliner designs and using special mass production technique, the unique version of Comix Gone Rogue had been born.  The series will continue with different featured comic book houses and various artists.

Above are both the Marvel and DC Comic cover that I have donated to the series.  It was so much fun to have a chance to create my own cover and a privilege to be apart of such an amazing project.