"You Smoke 'Em Till You Pass Out"

Once I began to dive into the world of tattooing, Sailor Jerry has been an influence on my work.  I instantly connected to his bold imagery, vivid hand crafted colors and witty humor.

Along with many other talented artists, Ally Cat had offered for me to be apart of The Second Edition of Babes, Booze and Tattoos.

I was thrilled to contribute to the show, but at the time had no idea what I would create to pay my respects to the Godfather of Tattoos.  Floundering for an idea for several weeks, I finally woke up from a very vivid dream with images that started to flood my mind.  The pinup beauties of which I adored came to me in the form of decapitated heads surrounded by a sinister skull.  I shared my ideas with my confidant, Edwin Vazquez in which he replied "that's sounds great, why don't you try putting it on a cigarette box".  Eureka!

It took a little bit of time and patience but I was able to recreate a homemade cigarette box from scratch.  During my painting process, I could hear the deep throaty one-liners of a old tattoo smoker say "You Smoke 'Em Till You Pass Out".  Barely able to contain my laughter, I knew that was the slogan for the piece as I finished the tiny details on the cigarette box with the accompanied matchbooks.  I felt at this point the best way to display them was an old fashioned velvet lined box.

I decided to hand deliver my tribute and attend the show held at Jinxed art gallery in the heart of Philadelphia where we gathered together to pay the great tattoo artist homage.

The piece did not sell at the show and now will be up for sale on my website.  Please visit the SHOP for purchase soon.  If interested in Pre-purchase email

Hell's Kitchen Comix

Edwin Vazquez and I co-hosted our first Hell's Kitchen Comix jam and it was a blast!  Artists from New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia came together to have a night of drawing and comics.  While Batman the Animated Series played quietly in the background, artists such as Ulises FarinasDan Strauss, Geff Mosher and Dre Grigoropol added their talents to the creative buzz.
Check out some of the drawings and doodles from that night.  Feel like you want to add on to these outrages panels?! Join us for next months Hell's Kitchen Comix.  Can't wait to see everyone again and hopefully some new faces!