"Bombs Away"

For a fun February giveaway, I have 10 ORIGINAL LIMITED EDITION HANDMADE trading cards available!

This is a First-Come-First-Serve free giveaway...the first 10 NEW followers on Twitter or fans on Facebook will receive a free trading card!

Please follow the directions and qualifications below to receive your free trading card:

1. Become a follower on my Twitter (@JenaiChin) or Facebook Fan (Jenai Chin)
2. Mention on Twitter or Facebook post on my page: "You da bomb"
3. Immediately email your Name & Mailing Address to

~Must be a NEW follower
~Must send the Tweet/Facebook requested
~Must email me include all mailing information

The first 10 will get one of my ORIGINAL LIMITED EDITION HANDMADE trading cards in the mail! Failure to meet ALL guidelines will be disqualified.

*Trading card image is seen above. Size: 2.5" x 3.5" Ink on Paper.

Lady TaTa

Inspired by the hypnotic elegance from the women of the 1920's, I created this fancy lady for a client looking to start a vintage tattoo sleeve. After spending a quiet weekend completing the drawing and receiving her final approval I gave her the crowning title Lady TaTa.