Fashionable Tattoos

The evolution of the tattoo culture has allowed a new acceptance in advertising with a variety of products and models. The arrival of tattoos in the fashion industry have brought a new found edginess and sex appeal for the market. Fashion designers from all over the world have used tattoos to promote their clothing, underwear, perfume and shoes making tattoo art one of the most fashionable accessories.

"No Other Like It"

One of my favorite ways of combining art is the union of tattoos and comic characters. Kleenex had the same idea by presenting Little LuLu and a tattooed sailor in one of their advertisments. In the comic strip style ad, Little LuLu grabs an unattended tattoo machine and turns the unaware sailor into a permanent walking advertisement . Featuring a cute comic character and the playfulness of the tattooed product placement makes this ad very clever and charming. Now there is "No other like it" for both Kleenex and the tattooed sailor!

Tattoo Trading Cards

Trading artwork is a great way of staying in touch with artists around the globe! I made these mini paintings to trade with fellow tattoo artists but they are also available for sale.

These are 100% Original Hand Painted Ink on Paper. 2.5" x 3.5"
(smaller than a playing card)
~Comes with plastic sleeve.
~Price is available on request.

*Trading original tattoo art only with fellow tattoo artists.

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Resurrection of Chester the Owl

A little over a year ago I was asked to design a traditional owl tattoo. The owl above was one of two options that I drew. Eventually the other owl was chosen leaving this little bird behind. I kept him stored away in my folder of unfinished designs. While on the search for reference material, I came across my old friend and decided to finish him up offering this as a tattoo. The sketch is now complete and on it's way to being painted and hopefully inked.

"Kia Ora!" (Have a Coke!)

One of the largest companies using tattoos to advertise their product was the Coca~Cola Company. Known for their wholesome print ads, Coca~Cola wanted to take an edgy turn to bank on the marketable tattoo culture in the 1940's.

As depicted above, the Army Sergeant proudly shows off his large chest tattoo to the Maori native covered in traditional tribal tattoos while they both enjoy a cool bottle of Coke. The ad gives the viewer a glimpse into the exotic world of extensive tattoos. In those days tattoos were usually seen on men in the military or in the Circus Sideshows. Stories of "tattooed savages" have circulated since the turn of the century but were now being shown in a friendly light unifying the two worlds in the love for tattoos and Coca~Cola.

Tattoo History: Smoking Ink

Within the entire month of January I will be sharing a brief history dedicated to Tattoos in Advertising. Being a tattoo and makeup artist I have a professional relationship with this topic as I have worked in both fields from Dereon clothing to PlayStation games. I will be writing about tattoos throughout the history that have been used in ad campaigns to promote several products.

I was surprised to find out that up until the mid 1950's Marlboro used to be considered a woman's cigarette! Once sales began to fall the company decided to change the image of the typical female smoker to feature rugged tattooed men posing confidently smoking their Marlboro smokes. This was a huge success and changed the history of the company which I only knew of being a "manly" cigarette.

The tattoos were often painted onto the models and I find it interesting that in almost every ad the painted tattoos were always on the hand. Since the composition rarely differentiated from one style I assume this was the best place to feature the tattoo art next to the cigarette.

Check back soon for my next installment: Coca-Cola

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

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