Tattoo History: Smoking Ink

Within the entire month of January I will be sharing a brief history dedicated to Tattoos in Advertising. Being a tattoo and makeup artist I have a professional relationship with this topic as I have worked in both fields from Dereon clothing to PlayStation games. I will be writing about tattoos throughout the history that have been used in ad campaigns to promote several products.

I was surprised to find out that up until the mid 1950's Marlboro used to be considered a woman's cigarette! Once sales began to fall the company decided to change the image of the typical female smoker to feature rugged tattooed men posing confidently smoking their Marlboro smokes. This was a huge success and changed the history of the company which I only knew of being a "manly" cigarette.

The tattoos were often painted onto the models and I find it interesting that in almost every ad the painted tattoos were always on the hand. Since the composition rarely differentiated from one style I assume this was the best place to feature the tattoo art next to the cigarette.

Check back soon for my next installment: Coca-Cola