Hail Hydra!

Much to my parents disdain, my fascination of skulls and it's representation has been with me since an early age. I have a sincere obsession with skull art, toys, tattoos, books and jewelry with my steady collection on a constant rapid growth.

Continuing on my venture of merging comic characters with tattoo influence into a series of paintings, it should come as no surprise that I would choose one of the most iconic villains...The Red Skull.

A branch off of my Captain America interpretation for Comics Gone Rogue, I revisited Marvels skeleton-esque bad guy and one of the leading members of HYDRA, Johann Schmidt a.k.a The True Red Skull.

Pursuing my love for skulls, villains, tattoos...I have decided to throw them all into one for my new version of the HYDRA symbol.

Tattoo Gallery Show In Mexico

I am very excited to have been invited to be apart of the show "DEL TATUAJE A LA ILUSTRACION"- Illustrations of Tattoos in Mexico! The piece that I have entered into this fantastic tattoo homage is seen in my last blog entry, Prayer to Our Zombie Lady of Guadalupe. I have a great love for Mexican art and have used this as an influence in my tattoo designs. This will be my first show in Mexico and hopefully not the last.

*Illustration by German Orozco

Prayer to Our Zombie Lady of Guadalupe

Our Zombie Lady of Guadalupe, Mystic Zombie Rose, who eats those that implore on to you in their hour of need. You that are Mother of the true Zombies, intercede before your son the grace I need to guard my brains, sweet hope among the bitterness of being eaten, warm blood and precious organs of final perseverance (ask for the desired axe, gun, or shovel and pray a Holy Zombie Mary.) Amen.