Marvel? DC?....Comix Gone Rogue!

Ever fantasize about having your artwork on the cover of Marvel or DC Comics?   

I would often walk up and down the ailes of my local comic shop skimming over the new released covers hoping to collect the most unique and memorable issues.   This did not always work out the way I had planned.  I would often find myself expressing emotions from incontrolable excited to ultimate disappointment.  In times of dissatisfaction, I would often dream of how I would improve those glossy fronts.  Fortunately I would get the chance to create my own.

With the release of the crisp, white, blank covers from Marvel Comics emerged an artist who decided to take the DIY concept into his own hands.  Edwin Vazquez, creator of Comix Gone Rogue, is thriving  on the challenge of finding 25 artists to create their own versions of mainstream comic covers.  These covers would not be something you would see in your local comic shop.  Each artist who is invited to participate in the series is given complete freedom to create their own artistic interpretation of the cover.  All artists donate their work to be featured on the website and future fundraising gallery shows toward the Hero Initiative.

After using the pre-made covers that Marvel Comics had produced, Edwin waited for DC Comics to follow suit.  When it was apparent that DC was not going to be trailing in the Marvel footsteps, Edwin decided to create his own.  Pirating the DC headliner designs and using special mass production technique, the unique version of Comix Gone Rogue had been born.  The series will continue with different featured comic book houses and various artists.

Above are both the Marvel and DC Comic cover that I have donated to the series.  It was so much fun to have a chance to create my own cover and a privilege to be apart of such an amazing project.