Skin Signals

As a kid, drawing on your hand was a simple as two eyes and lips so you had your classic hand puppet. In the November issue of O Magazine, I created a much more complex version of the traditional hand puppet in the article "Skin Signals". After 2 days of preparation, 6 hours of hours of painting and a lot of patience...this pretty little lady was born. This was a lot of fun and one of my biggest artistic challenges.

Tattoo Fashion From Legs To Toes

The double page spread of "Pump It Up" in the October Issue of Interview Magazine features some of my new Japanese inspired tattoo designs. With the majority of the tattoos drawn by hand and lots of Dura Ink, it took several hours for the fully covered tattooed legs to be ready for some sexy shoes! Fully tattooed legs and high heel patterned pumps...a hot combination for the cool fall season!